The Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth – Georgia has organized interactive seminars in Khoni, Tskaltubo and Vani (Imereti Region) regarding increasing the role of public in participation in environmental decision making processes and access to justice regarding environmental issues.<br />
<br />
The seminars have been organized in the range of the project “Development of Eco-Justice Centers in Georgia” and participated local population and NGOs of mentioned towns. During the seminars there were discussed the issues of access to environmental information, participation in decision making processes, access to justice, Aarhus Convention and national legislation issues.<br />
<br />
During the seminars there was identified the need for similar activities in order to increase the role of public sector in environmental decision making processes. The seminars have been organized with the support of Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Georgia International Development Agency (GIDA).<br />

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