Earth Day was celebrated 22 times in Georgia and 42 times different countries of the world

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In the framework of the Project Clean Up Georgia” biorestoration activities have been carried out on 11 April 2012 on 4ha of the cleaned up territory in Kvemo Kartli Region, particularly in Rustavi on 32 sites, among them 6 Secondary schools ((№26, 8, 21, 24, 13, 17 ), 25 dwelling buildings and Rustavi landfill adjacent territories. In total more than 650 seedlings of pine (Pinus nigra- 200 seedlings, Pinus eldarica-150 seedlings, Thuja occidentalis -30 seedlings, Quercus iberica-20 seedlings, Cedrus deodara (with containers)-50 seedlings, Fraxinus excelsior-150 seedlings, Acer campaestre-50 seedlings). Rustavi mayor representatives, school teachers and pupils, general public, Rustavi landfill workers (more than 200 representatives of local population) took active part in the event.
The project is carried out by NGO Consortium – Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth Georgia and Union for Sustainable Development EcoVision, with the financial support of the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and facilitation of the Ministry of Environment Protection.

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