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On 16 september, in the framework of “Clean Up the World- Clean Up Georgia” campaign a clean-up action was held in Kareli municipality, during which 9 April Park area and station surrounding areas were cleaned up.<br />
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The event has been organized by regional coordinator of Greens Movement of Georgia/ Friends of the Earth Georgia with active participation of local authorities and residents. Around 30 volunteers took part in the action. About 2.5 ha area has been cleaned up and 0.8m3 of waste were collected. <br />
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“Clean Up the World – Clean Up Georgia” campaign is organized within the framework of the project “Clean Up Georgia” (Phase III) and implemented by NGO consortium Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth Georgia, Georgian Society of Nature Explorers “Orchis, “Ecological Awareness and Waste Management” with financial support of Swedish Government and in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia.<br />

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