Meeting in Kakheti Region

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The Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia held preparatory meetings with representatives of local and central municipalities of Kakheti region and different stakeholders in the framework of the project: Civil society organizations cooperate with government and other stakeholders on a NAMA for sustainable energy in rural areas.
The project itself is aiming to carry out large scale activities in residential sector of Georgia and reduce emissions through introduction of low emission technologies and develop a practice of use of renewable energy. Project is also aiming to develop alternative and low emission technologies in rural communities and to enhance improvement of social-economical status of local population, to enhance development of environmentally friendly technologies and support rational use of natural resources.
Project group also visited Mr. Zurab Enukidze, Head of Economic, Tourism, International Relations and NGO cooperation service of Telavi Municipality, Mr. Mate Kavtarashvili “ Deputy Head of Akhmeta Municipality, Mr. Akaki Natalishvili “ Deputy Head of Kvareli Municipality, Mr. Emzar Jikhurashvili – Head of Gurjaani Municipality, Mr. Giorgi Loladze “ Head of Sagarejo Municipality and Deputy Head of Kakheti Central Government“ Mr. Zurab Arsenishvili.
The project Civil society organizations cooperate with government and other stakeholders on a NAMA for sustainable energy in rural areas” is organized by the Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia, Ecological Farming Association SEMA, Rural Communities Development Agency RCDA and Akhaltsikhe Society Development Centre in Cooperation with WECF “ Women in Europe for a Common Future. Project is supported by the European Commission Delegation to Georgia.

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