Meeting with Stakeholders in Sagarejo and Khoni Municipality

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Meeting with stakeholders was held in Sagarejo and Khoni Municipalities, in villages Manavi and Ivandidi in the frame of the project Building local capacity for domestic solar heating, hot water and insulation for rural and remote areas in the EEC region where in total 95 solar warm-water collectors were constructed in previous years.
Main goal of the meeting was to assess the efficiency of project results and involve local population in monitoring processes.
Participants of the meeting discussed about benefits and values of proposed technologies, as well as the level and the quality of peoples involvement in project activities. There have been discussed also some technical difficulties during exploitation of installed technologies. Projects technical assistance staff took responsibility to resolve all problems.
The above mentioned project is been implemented by the following organizations: the Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia, Ecological Farming Assosiation SEMA, Rural Community Development Agency RCDA and Akhaltikhe Development Centre, in cooperation with the International Organization Women in Europe for a Common Future “ WECF and financial assistance of EU commission.

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