Meeting with population of village Ianeti of Samtredia municipality

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On August 17, within the framework of  the project “ Clean Up Georgia “ (phase III) a community  meeting was held in village Ianeti, organized by  Samtredia regional  coordinator of the  Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth – Georgia. The purpose of the meeting was to provide  the audience with information on planned activities within the project, which includes the  settlement of  waste-related problems in the regions and  rural areas and promotion of  awareness-raising campaigns  among the local population.

At the meeting the  local coordinator provided  information to the presented audience about the dangers,  that can  be caused by haphazardly discarded waste into the environment. The conversation was  based on the examples of  leading countries of Europe, where the mentioned  problem has already  been resolved, with active participation of ordinary citizens in its settlement.

The meeting indicated the problems faced by local residents. It was noted, that the rural ambulance signed a contract with LLC “Eco-Medical Group”  to remove medical waste, but the latter does not perform this service; In the third district of Ianeti village in the direction of the village  Etseri, an illegal landfill occurs, which creates intolerable conditions for the residents; In the vicinity of  river  Gubistskali , sand and gravel are extracted on the territory of the village, which destroys pastures and damages the cultivated lands of the population. The meeting was attended by 14 local residents.

The meeting has been conducted within the framework of the project “Clean Up Georgia” (Phase III)   and implemented by NGO  consortium Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth Georgia, Georgian Society of  Nature Explorers “Orchis, “Ecological Awareness and Waste Management”  with financial support of Swedish Government and in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia and Solid Waste Management Company.

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