Request for Expression of Interest. Two Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA/SEA) Experts


Project Name: “Ensuring Participatory Decision Making Processes at Regional and National Levels by Empowering NGOs/CSOs”

Project Number: ENI/2017/393903

Subject: Two Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA/SEA) Experts


Strengthening civil society organizations and local authorities plays an important role in inclusive and sustainable growth of the society .The project “Ensuring Participatory Decision Making Processes at Regional and National Levels by Empowering NGOs/CSOs” has been financed by the European Commission. Project aims to empower civil society organizations in 4 regions of Georgia (Mtskheta-Mtianeti; Imereti; Ratcha-Lechkhumi and Samtskhe-Javakheti), to raise public awareness on Environmental Impact Assessment procedure and improve public involvement in decision-making process. In addition, informational meetings will cover the whole territory of Georgia. The works are performed by the following non-governmental organizations: The Lead -The Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth – Georgia”; “City Institute Georgia”; Research-Intellectual Club “Dialogue of Generations” and “Public Advocacy”.

.Scope of Work, Responsibilities and Description of the Proposed Analytical Work

The Environmental Assessment Expert will provide the project with the technical advice needed to properly manage the Environmental Assessment system at the country, in order to demonstrate legislation effectiveness and correspondence with international regulations.

In close collaboration with the project team, the Environmental Assessment Expert will undertake, in the context of these terms of reference, the following tasks related to technical review and monitoring support, quality control, and advice on EIA/SEA:

  • Day to day training of target groups on all phases of the system (what to look for; assessing criteria for EIA reports and projects and etc.);
  • Oversee and overview the technical review of submitted SEA/EIA reports, based on national environmental legislation/requirements and international best practice;
  • Participate in public discussions on EIA/SEA;
  • Support the local CSOs and initiative groups to develop the skills for participation in public discussions of EIA/SEA;
  • Guide the target groups on how to monitor the implementation of all environmental management plans that are approved by the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, including site visits to the field and provide technical advice for better implementation or improvements. Develop procedures and/or forms as needed to support in the monitoring cycle.
  • Undertake an overall evaluation of the review and monitoring process including, but not limited to, recommendations for upgrade, lessons learnt, summary of reviews undertaken and staff trained.

Recommendations should also include the following:

  1. Recommendations and reports on EIA/SEA documents;
  2. Recommendations for amending the decree(s) and annexes as needed;
  3. Participation in development of legislative proposals and recommendations;
  4. Recommendations for amending the EIA and IEE review decisions;
  5. Recommendations for the monitoring/supervision of the EIA/SEA Environmental Management Plans;
  6. Consultations for CSOs , NGOs and initiative groups;
  7. Participation in development of roadmap on EIA/SEA legislation;
  8. Presentations on EIA/SEA procedure for various groups of the project;
  9. Comparative analysis of the local EIA/SEA legislation with the EU legislation;
  10. The Environmental Assessment Expert may undertake other duties as assigned.

Qualifications Required

Title: Environmental Impact Assessment Expert

Academic Qualifications:

  1. Advanced degree/ Masters in Environmental Management, Science, or Engineering, or a closely related field.

Years of Experience:

Relevant experience of not less than 10 years (SEA/EIA) as an expert or in environmental management;


  1. Knowledge of EIA/SEA legislation;
  2. Knowledge and practical experience in preparation of analytic works;
  3. Strong analytical skills.
  4. Strong organizational and problem-solving skills.
  5. Ability to adapt quickly to new work environments, to establish and maintain good work relations with individuals of differing backgrounds, and to work under pressure;
  6. Fluency in Georgian and English;


– A report of completed tasks and deliverables each month

– Timesheet days worked each month

– The Individual Consultant shall coordinate with and report to the Project Manager


Contact :

Nikoloz Inashvili

Office Manager

NGO Consortium Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the

Earth Georgia (GMG/FoE-G) and EcoVision – The Union for

Sustainable Development

Mob (995 99) 260 695;


 Deadline for submission is 27.04.2018



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