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საქართველოს მწვანეთა მოძრაობა დედამიწის მეგობრები საქართველოს მიერ რეცენზირებული სტატიები.

The Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth – Georgia Statement

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On possible reorganization of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia under the framework of government structural changes

 The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection, as an environmental policy enforcement body and an  institution with state regulatory functions –  should not be destroyed / abolished  and its exclusive functions should not be redistributed  in different government agencies.

 The political goals of all other ministries,  expressed  in the growth of the country’s economy and in solving  social problems of the population, determine  their objectives. These  entities are  focused on benefits of  environmental components, i.e. use of  natural resources in quantitative terms and therefore, release  of pollutants into the environment are accompanying and consequential phenomenon of their regulations.

 Once these ministries are given  the state environmental regulatory  body functions, and/or  mechanically  unite the structures of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection with other ministries, will  lead to a conflict of interest and in this process, since experience dictates will  present serious environmental challenges and could inflict massive damage for country’s economy and  therefore, significantly ignore the   interests of present and future generations.

 The country, which is oriented to the implementation of thirty three international environmental conventions and agreements, as well as the fulfillment of the commitments set forth in the  Association Agreement between Georgia and the EU, necessarily requires the existence of a single independent environmental state regulatory institution – the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection, which will  provide healthy opposition  to the ministries of  economic block to ensure rational use of natural resources and permissible impact on the environment  and  will contribute to the  rapid and successful development of the country along with them.

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