Climate Change Week in Georgia

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Tbilisi and Kutaisi will hold Climate week official opening ceremony on 21 October. Participants are various NGOs. <
Slogan of the Climate Week 2012 is: :Change one Small Thing – One by One, Ton by Ton
Tbilisi 21 October
Opening ceremony of climate week
1100 “ 1200 procession start moving from Metro Rustaveli station to Tbilisi Sakrebulo building;
1200 “1230 Official opening of Climate week, EU Delegation representatives participation;
1230 “1300 procession start moving from Tbilisi Sakrebulo building to Metekhi bridge.
1300 “ 1330 by Metekhi bridge floating rowing boats will join to procession ( 10 boats)
1400 closing ceremonyKutaisi. 21 October
Opening ceremony of climate week
1130 – Near Parliament new building ( Entertainment Centre Suliko ) climate week official opening ceremony will take place . Participants are representatives of civil and environment protection sector.1200 “ NGO’s representatives will hand over the petition Mr. Gia Tsagareishvili proposed Head of environment and natural resources protection committee of Georgian parliament of 9th convocation.
Join us !!!
Climate Change … It is not myth – It is reality!!!
Climate Change Week, on current year is again organized by the Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia with support of the European Commission Delegation to Georgia.
The overall goal of the project is to raise awareness of general public on global climate change issues, involvement of society in the processes of Climate Change impacts mitigation. Various events and actions will be held during the Week all over the Georgia.

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The Campaign Clean Up the World “ Clean Up Georgia finished On September 16

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On September 14-15-16 in many countries worldwide an annual clean-up international campaign “Clean Up the World” was conducted, which was established in 1992 at the initiative of UNEP. The Campaign is held every September and it hosts up to 130 countries.
The motto of the World Campaign in 2012 was:
Our Country…. Our Planet… Our Responsibility<
It is third time Georgia is participating in this action. The organizer of the campaign is a Non-governmental Consortium “ Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the World – Georgia and EcoVision, a Union for Sustainable Development which is carrying out its activities in the framework of the Project “ Clean Up Georgia“ Raising of Public Awareness and Involvement in Solid Waste Management Improvement.
On 14-15-16 September, within the framework of the Campaign, in the city of Tbilisi were cleaned the right bank of the Kura river in the settlement of Ponichala, Digomi area in the section of the Digmula river, ravine of the Vere river adjacent to the children city of Mziuri, Digomi forest and park, territories adjacent to Tbilisi Sea and Djvari Monastery, as well as Vake park.

Clean-up actions were held in all self-governing cities and municipalities of the country, organized by local coordinators of the Project.
All over Georgia, in the mentioned campaign participated the representatives of local municipalities and sakrebulos (councils), students of different schools of higher education, secondary school pupils, citizens, various public and political organizations, foreign volunteers, Embassy of Estonia, Sheraton Metekhi Palace Hotel, representatives of San-Yoga Tbilisi Company.
The Project is implemented by the assistance of the Ministry of Environment and financial support of the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).

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21-28 October Climate Change Week in Georgia

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Already four year Climate Week is organizing in Georgia. The main goal of the event is to raise awareness of general public on Climate Change related issues and enhence mobilization and involvement of society in the processes of Climate Change impacts mitigation and adaptation. Various events and actions will be held during the Week. Climate Week will be officially opened, and thus will be launched on October 21.
Slogan of the Climate Week is: :
Change one Small Thing “ One by One, Ton by Ton
Climate Change Week, on current year is again organised by the Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia with financial support of the European Commission Delegation to Georgia.
Join Us!!!
Let’s act together and remember that:
Climate Change is not a myth, its Reality!

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International Conference “Promotion of use of renewable energy sources and introduction of energy-efficient technologies in Georgia

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On September 25, 2012 the Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth – Georgia has organized International Conference Promotion of use of renewable energy sources and introduction of energy-efficient technologies in Georgia.
The Aim of the conference was promotion of effective use of renewable energy sources and introduction of energy-efficient technologies in Georgia through consolidation of NGO interventions, ensuring legal support and raising awareness of government and general public.
Conference was organized with the support of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and in collaboration with the international organization Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF). In the conference participated Georgian NGOs, experts, as well as the experts and specialists from Germany, Poland and other countries. International organizations, missions, embassies and donor organizations also participated in the conference.
On the conference there was elaborated and adopted NGO declaration regarding Promotion of use of renewable energy sources and introduction of energy-efficient technologies in Georgia

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Water Safety Plans for Georgia

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about the goals and introduction potential of the guideline.
Director of NGO Caucasus Ecology Mrs. Manana Devidze gave a speech on practical implementation of Water Safety Plans, namely on the example of village Najakhao, of Martvili Municipality and representative of the Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia – Mari Matiashvili talked about village Manavi of Sagarejo Municipality.
During the event beneficiaries were informed on the major activities of Water Safety Plans that took place during the implementation of the project as well as on the risks of water born disease and related problems. Special trainings were conducted for teachers. Pupils expressed huge interest towards the project, namely on monitoring activities.
In total 6 Water Safety Plans were implemented in 6 villages of Georgia by the NGO’s the Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia, Ecological and Biological Monitoring Association, Caucasus Ecology and Rural Communities Development Agency – RCDA in cooperation with Women in Europe for a Common Future – WECF.

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The campaign Clean up the World“ Clean up Georgia is starting on September 14, 2012

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The campaign Clean up the World“ Clean up Georgia is starting on September 14, 2012
On 14-15-16 September an Annual Clean up International Campaign Clean Up the World, is marked in a lot of countries of the world. It was established at the initiative of the United Nations Environmental Program in 1992. The campaign is carried out every September with about 130 countries participating in it.
The 2012 World campaign motto is:
Our Country. Our Planet¦ Our Responsibility
It is third time Georgia is participating in this action. The organizer of the campaign is a Non-governmental Consortium “ Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the World Georgia and EcoVision, a Union for Sustainable Development which is carrying out its activities in the framework of the Project Clean Up Georgia “ Raising of Public Awareness and Involvement in Solid Waste Management Improvement
On 14-15-16 September clean up actions will be organized by the Project local coordinators and carried out in Tbilisi and all self-governance cities and municipalities.
Our appeal to you is to show your eagerness and join to 14-15-16 September clean up actions together with your colleagues, friends and family members, or choose polluted areas personally in your own environment and clean them up!
Remember, this is our responsibility!!!
Join us!
The Project is being implemented by the assistance of the Ministry of Environment and sida (Swedish International Development Agency) financial support.

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Environmental Education Week

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On 31 August, 2012 within the framework of Environmental Education Week the Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth “ Georgia organized the presentation of educational and methodical guideline: Environmental Education for Sustainable Development.
The educational and methodical guideline is elaborated by the Greens Movement of Georgia and is the result of years long activities of the organization in the direction of environmental education.
The presentation was attended by the representatives of NGOs, donor organizations, educational institutions, etc. They expressed great interest in further use of the guideline.

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Workshops with NGO and Business sector representatives

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On July 24 and 27, 2012 the Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth – Georgia has organized the workshops with the representatives of NGO and Business sectors in the range of the project Promotion of use of renewable energy sources and introduction of energy-efficient technologies in Georgia. The workshops aimed at presenting to the NGO and business representatives the documents prepared by the thematic working groups, as well as collecting proposals and recommendations from their side for further improvement of the documents.
As it was already communicated, the thematic working groups, established in the range of the project have prepared the reviews and recommendations in the following directions:
Assessment of solar, biomass, geothermal and wind energy potentials in Georgia and perspectives for their future use;
Necessity of energy-efficiency in Georgia, its potential and possible positive effects;
Analysis of legal base regarding effective use of solar, wind and geothermal energy sources and energy-efficiency in Georgia and recommendations for improvement;
Overview of current state of practical use and possible perspectives of Georgian innovative intellectual products.
Mentioned documents have been discussed during the workshops of 24 July with NGOs and on 27 July with business sector representatives. There was arranged extremely fruitful discussion and many new aspects have been emphasized to be reflected in the final documents.
Project team and thematic working groups are continuing the workshops with other interested parties, after which it is planned to organize high level international conference and adopt the declaration.
The project Promotion of use of renewable energy sources and introduction of energy-efficient technologies in Georgia” is implemented by the Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth“ Georgia with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

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training of trainers for advance selected interested persons regarding construction, maintenance and monitoring of solar collectors

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From June 28 till July 6 in Sagarejo in the range of the project Building local capacity for domestic solar heating, hot water and insulation for rural and remote areas in the EEC region the Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth“ Georgia has organized the training of trainers for advancely selected interested persons regarding construction, maintenance and monitoring of solar collectors.
For future trainers the trainings have organized the representatives of project implementation team, as well as the invited experts from Netherlands and Germany. In the training participated trainees from four regions of Georgia: Samegrelo, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Kakheti. The trainees have received detailed information how to teach interested persons the construction, maintenance and monitoring of solar collectors in households.
On the training there were presented different visual materials, which in addition of balanced mix of theory and practice, gave the trainees excellent possibilities to better understand the details of solar collector construction and monitoring process. The trainees have also received necessary knowledge regarding teaching methods, discussed the possibilities for starting small business, practiced their communication skills, etc.
Project ”Building local capacity for domestic solar heating, hot water and insulation for rural and remote areas in the EEC region is implemented by the Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth“ Georgia with the financial support of European Commission, MATRA program of Netherlands Embassy and in collaboration with Women in Europe for Common Future (WECF).

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Training of trainers on Construction of Solar Collectors

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The Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia organized training of trainers on construction and maintenance of solar collectors in the villages Ivandidi (Khoni region) and Manavi (Sagarejo region). Training was implemented in the framework of the projects Building local capacity for domestic solar heating, hot water and insulation for rural and remote areas in the EEC region” and Introduction of solar warm-water supply systems in rural areas of Georgia.
Training was held by qualified group of Experts according to the relevant program and special methods adapted to local conditions. Training participants were able to construct solar collector for a demonstrative purpose with supervision of experts in order to get more idea on technical details.
After finishing of training, according to the project conditions trainers got responsibility to construct solar collectors for project beneficiaries.
Projects – Building local capacity for domestic solar heating, hot water and insulation for rural and remote areas in the EEC region and Introduction of solar warm-water supply systems in rural areas of Georgia are implementing by the Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia with support of the Royal Embassy of the Netherlands program project MATRA and the European Union in cooperation with WECF “ Women in Europe for a Common Future.

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