Need for improvement of Chemical safety in Georgia

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On March 30, 2012 a workshop was held on œReducing the use of hazardous chemicals in Georgia and potential of safe chemicals including non-chemical alternatives aiming to discuss problems and solutions related to the use of hazardous chemicals and potential of safe chemicals including non-chemical alternatives in Georgia.
The workshop was attended by the representatives of expert groups, non-governmental and governmental organizations, business sector and civil society.
The meeting showed the urgency of the problem of chemical safety in Georgia. The lack of proper legislation and coordination, insufficient capacity of the responsible agencies allow thousands of tons of hazardous chemicals to enter the country that are forbidden elsewhere and that pose a serious risk for the health of the population and the environment. This includes asbestos and pesticides. In addition, the awareness of the population is very low, which leads to misuse of chemicals.
Timely and effective solutions are needed as well as an effective mechanism from the governmental side in order to reduce risks to human health and improve the environmental situation. It is also important to raise public awareness on reducing the use of hazardous chemicals and their replacement with non-chemical alternatives. The workshop will be followed by more meetings, an information campaign and a conference in order to bring this important topic on the agenda of the country within the frame of the project.
Workshop was organized by the non-governmental organizations “ The Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia and Women in Europe for a Common Future “ WECF in cooperation with the non-governmental organizations “ Rural Communities Development Agency “ RCDA and Georgian Ecological Farming Association “ SEMA.
The Project is implementing with the financial support of the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) Quick Start Program Trust Fund.

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,,Greens Movement/Friends of the Earth “ Georgia The X Meeting

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The Greens Movement/Friends of the Earth – Georgia organized a 10th General Meeting on March. The Meeting was attended by the members of the Organization – the Greens Movement/Friends of the Earth “ Georgia – representing regional and local initiative groups.

The 10th Meeting listened to the Organization Report on the work conducted during 2009-2011 which was accepted by the Meeting as information.

The Meeting listened and approved the Organization Action Plan for 2012-2015.

The General Meeting considered and approved the changes and amendments to the Charter of the Greens Movement/Friends of the Earth – Georgia.

The Meeting selected the Organization Co-Chairmen, Executive Council (Board) and Coordination Council (Darbazi) for a 3-year period.

As Co-chairmen of the Greens Movement/Friends of the Earth – Georgia were selected Ms. Nino Chkhobadze and Ms. Rusudan Simonidze

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Regional Seminar on Municipal Solid Waste Management

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A regional seminar on municipal solid waste management was held on March 16, 2012 in Mskheta-Mtianeti Region which was attended by Ms. Diana Janse, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Sweden in Georgia, Mr. Alf Eliasson, Counsellor (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), Ms. Khatuna Zaldastanishvili, Programme Officer (Sida), as well as the representatives of Sida Stockholm Office and the World Bank.
The meeting was opened by Ms. Diana Janse who spoke about the problems connected with the waste management in Georgia, about the importance of its correct management and wished the seminar participants success in overcoming the difficulties in this regard. Popular manual on municipal solid waste management and maps developed in the framework of the Project were presented at the seminar which was followed by the intensive discussions around them. In parallel with the Seminar cleanup actions have been carried out near Bebris Tsikhe area in Mtskheta and in the village Tsitsamuri, on the adjacent territory of the monument of Ilia Chavchavadze. The schoolchildren and teachers of Public Schools of Mtskheta â„–1, â„–2 and of Saguramo village as well as representatives of the Youth Organizations participated in the cleanup actions. Totally 110 persons participated in the campaign, 2,0 ha of the area was cleaned up from the polyethylene bottles and bags and 4 m3waste was collected and disposed on the operational landfill by the communal (waste collector) service.

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The salvo in the sky

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On March 24th, 17:15 pm, the Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia has recorded the ejection salvo in the sky near Zestaphoni “Feroshenadnobi” factory.

We call upon to representatives of responsible authorities to react to the fact mentioned above in accordance with Georgian legislation.

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Global Day of Action: Call on EU leaders to take a stand against climate change!

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In October of the current year seminars were conducted under the project “Thermal solar and insulation technologies and policies in Georgia” in the villages Ivandidi (Honey region) and Manavi (Sagarejo region). Seminars were attended by local people, representatives of local government and community-based organizations and nongovernmental organizations.

The aim of seminars were informing target groups on project activities, including the types and functions of energy resources, a simple solar technologies at the household level (solar water heaters, solar fruit /vegetable dryers), isolation technology, social and energy effects of energy-saving bulbs in rural areas. Local target groups expressed their interest towards the seminars.

Project if implementing with financial support of the European Commission thematic project on Energy in cooperation with WECF – Women in Europe for a Common Future.

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“Thermal solar and insulation technologies and policies in Georgia”

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In October of the current year seminars were conducted under the project “Thermal solar and insulation technologies and policies in Georgia” in the villages Ivandidi (Honey region) and Manavi (Sagarejo region). Seminars were attended by local people, representatives of local government and community-based organizations and nongovernmental organizations.

The aim of seminars were informing target groups on project activities, including the types and functions of energy resources, a simple solar technologies at the household level (solar water heaters, solar fruit /vegetable dryers), isolation technology, social and energy effects of energy-saving bulbs in rural areas. Local target groups expressed their interest towards the seminars.

Project if implementing with financial support of the European Commission thematic project on Energy in cooperation with WECF – Women in Europe for a Common Future.

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One task “ One Country “ One Day“ Climate Week Challenge

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I n f o r m a t i o n

23-30 October

Climate Change Week in Georgia

Already third year Climate Week is organized in Georgia like in many other countries of the world and is dedicated to Global Warming and Climate Change issues. The main goal of Climate Week is to raise awareness of general public on Climate Change issues and enhence mobilization and involvement of society in the processes of Climate Change impacts mitigation. <br />
Lozung of Climate Change Week 2011 is:
One task  ,,One Country“ One Day“ Climate Week Challenge
Climate Change Week, this time is again organising by the Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia in cooperation with Ministry of Environment Protection and Tbilisi City Hole and financial support of the European Commission Delegation to Georgia Ministry of Environment Protection and Tbilisi City Hole. In the frame of Climate Week different events will be organized. We call upon to interested individuals and/or organizations to take part at Climate Change Week.

Join Us!!!

Lets act together against Climate Change and remember that:
Climate Change is not a myth, its Reality!

For additional information please contact
Nino Chkhobadze
(+995) 99514071
Lela Khacheishvili
(+995) 99710030
Tsiala Abesadze
(+995) 93140007

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History of Earth Day originated in the last century and since now every year in many countries around the world April 22nd is celebrated with various environmental activities.

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History of Earth Day originated in the last century and since now every year in many countries around the world April 22nd is celebrated with various environmental activities. Earth Day was first envisioned in April 22nd, 1970 by a U.S. Senator “ Gaylord Nelson addressing massive oil spill in Santa Barbara that caused pollution of ocean and death of marine species. The same year more than 20 million people celebrated the Earth Day.
In Georgia, the Earth Day was first celebrated in 1990 by the Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia.
Slogan of the Earth Day organized in 2012 was Mobilizing the Earth and following to the traditions, it was organized by the Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia. In the frame of the action manifestation was organized moving from the philharmonic building to the direction the square of the Rose Revolution, where youth group and representatives of other NGO’s organized flash-mob action in front of Hotel Radisson
In total more than 150 people took part in the action dedicated to the Earth Day

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Earth Day was celebrated 22 times in Georgia and 42 times different countries of the world

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In the framework of the Project Clean Up Georgia” biorestoration activities have been carried out on 11 April 2012 on 4ha of the cleaned up territory in Kvemo Kartli Region, particularly in Rustavi on 32 sites, among them 6 Secondary schools ((№26, 8, 21, 24, 13, 17 ), 25 dwelling buildings and Rustavi landfill adjacent territories. In total more than 650 seedlings of pine (Pinus nigra- 200 seedlings, Pinus eldarica-150 seedlings, Thuja occidentalis -30 seedlings, Quercus iberica-20 seedlings, Cedrus deodara (with containers)-50 seedlings, Fraxinus excelsior-150 seedlings, Acer campaestre-50 seedlings). Rustavi mayor representatives, school teachers and pupils, general public, Rustavi landfill workers (more than 200 representatives of local population) took active part in the event.
The project is carried out by NGO Consortium – Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth Georgia and Union for Sustainable Development EcoVision, with the financial support of the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and facilitation of the Ministry of Environment Protection.

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Civil society organizations cooperate with government and other stakeholders on a gender-sensitive NAMA for sustainable energy in rural areas

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The project “Civil society organizations cooperate with government and other stakeholders on a gender-sensitive NAMA for sustainable energy in rural areas” is coordinated by Greens Movement in partnership with WECF, Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA), Georgian Ecological Agricultural Association (SEMA) and Social Development Center Akhaltsikhe (SDCA).

The main components of the action were, to develop and write the NAMA in close cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and other relevant stakeholders, including conducting relevant studies on the baseline situation and market research.

The project envisaged the preparation of NAMA preparatory work to facilitate the implementation to go to the low-cost economy and working out on the NAMA plan together with the stakeholders. The project aim was alsoto develop financial mechanisms, including a specific financing window for vulnerable people and women groups to ensure the action is inclusive and contributes to poverty reduction. Furthermore, the project raised awareness among the regional implementation partners, small and medium enterprises, regional and local authorities, and the local population through meetings, round tables, leaflets and other publications. In order for the production and installation process of 10.000 solar collectors and stoves were smoothed, the project built the capacity of five construction teams (one per region).  The teams organized in ‘help desks’ based on the resource centers and or local enterprises. They were trained in hands on practical trainings in all aspects of construction, installation, maintenance and monitoring (including MRV, which stands for measurable, reportable and verifiable) of collectors and stoves.

Within the framework of the project, the household database was collected and prepared. A according to the current data, there are 10000 signatures from households who have expressed willingness to receive solar water heaters and fuel efficient stoves.

An important aspect is sharing experiences and lessons learned on the UNFCCC level, so that other countries can benefit from these experiences. Advocacy for the suitable political framework is another component of the project, carried out in parallel to the previous project ‘turn on the sun – live in comfort.

At this stage, the Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth-Georgia set up 50 solar water heater equipment and 50 fuel efficient stoves.

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